03 March 2006


Wait, the Olympics ended?

Originally when I lost my mind and joined the Olympics I had planned to update a few times during. Or, you know, at least say that I'd joined. But now that we're almost a week out, I see that didn't happen. Winning the Olympics also didn't happen. Despite some frantic knitting there towards the end I ended up with:

This. Which is a completed center section of the shawl from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits. I also had this:

Which is a (very small) section of border. I stayed up late Saturday getting the main section done, and then I got home from church Sunday around one, suffered brief delusions of being able to knit the entire border and attach it to the center section in an hour, started knitting, realized I was insane, and then did my homework. The baby I'm knitting this for is still several months away, though, so the defeat isn't that crushing. I'm satisfied with what I got done, and I know that I devoted all the time I possibly could have in those sixteen days to knitting. I actually feel pretty good about myself for sticking the main section out. It makes a cute pattern

that I think makes a lot of people think it's more challenging than rows of stockinette broken up with rows where you actually have to count, but the fact of the matter is, it's boring. It looks nice, I really like it, I'd consider doing it again, but it's boring. The border is highly cute and also fast, but I'll probably shelf it for a bit. This may be because of the, um, side project.

which had several good reasons for existing (oh how do I remember the days when I couldn't imagine knitting more than one thing at a time). First, my good friend Andrew lost his hat. He's a Texan, and though this winter in Cleveland has been quite mild, he really can't go without one. Second, I like to knit during organic chemistry because, well, it's the most boring subject on earth and the professor reads off slides that we print out. And I thought it might be awkward and pretty obvious if I started whipping out a big yellow thing in the middle of class. So I think I'll finish this first, since I sort of abandoned his ears for the sake of the Olympics. And also he's been wearing a hat he got when he was eight. Haha.

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