25 January 2006


Saga of the DNA Scarf

So I'm a nerd. That said, I'd had my eye on the DNA scarf since shortly after I learned to knit. From all I'd heard, cables were easy to do, but I was a brand new knitter and had taught all I knew to myself except for casting on and the knit stitch. So I didn't feel quite up to the task. Time went on, and I'll admit I sort of forgot about it while I was busy with other projects. But I came back to it earlier this fall when I was looking to start something new. I devoted an evening to solving the mystery of cabling, and I was sort of ashamed that I'd ever put it off, but oh well.

I finished the first DNA section soon after winter break started, and I'd finished the neck ribbing as well and was walking around the house with half a scarf on when I realized it might be kind of short. I like longer scarves, and I'm fairly tall anyway, and the scarf was not highly flattering at that length. I was really tempted to just knit a few more inches of the neck ribbing and hope that would help, but in the end I went the perfectionistic route and ripped it back to ad another repeat. And from then on, the scarf exacted its revenge.

I didn't rip back far enough. I had numerous problems with the seed stitch even though I had managed to knit half a scarf without messing it up once, and I spent a great deal of time bonding with my tiny crochet hook. Somewhere in there, though, I learned to cable without a cable needle, and that is the most useful skill on earth, I am sure. Especially since I had to put off knitting more times than I would like to admit to because I couldn't find my cable needle.

Anyway, I finished it just before the end of winter break, and I really love it. The yarn is soft and warm and it shows off the cables really well, which is something I had worried about. Even my friend Andrew who had orginally avowed to de-knit everything we ever knit had to admit that it's cool. We determined that the scarf is actually displaying B-DNA, which perhaps forever cements our nerdiness. But we're Case students and it's what we do, sit in the sweet lecture hall in Wickenden and look up pictures of DNA structure to figure out which one has been knit into a scarf. It makes me sad sometimes, that college doesn't last forever. It's some kind of life.

As someone so wisely pointed out, the best part of this scarf is that you have to be a nerd to realize what it is.

Pattern: Double helix seaman's scarf, pattern here.
Yarn: Knitpicks' Elegance in Oatmeal, four skeins.
Started: Late November 2005
Finished: Early January 2006

19 January 2006


Oh Blog

Wow. Blog.

So I've been reading knitting blogs for about a year and a half now. And I've been knitting only marginally longer, and I've been talking about knitting in my regular journal for quite a while too. But I never really planned on having a knitting blog. I blame other people. And I realized that probably people on my regular journal could care less about me and my knitting, so even though as I'm writing this with no readers, at least I can delude myself into thinking that someone cares, right?

Um, anyway, what else? In case you are here randomly and not because you know me and I forced you to stop by, I'm a third year student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm an International Studies major, and I'm starting to get ready to take the MCATs in April because I am a glutton for punishment. I knit a lot, but not as much as I'd like and mostly when I should be studying.

Okay, I think that's it for my knitting-less introductory post. Knitting content will come tomorrow. Or you know, whenever I next feel like it.

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